A trip to a nature reserve on the California coast called Point Lobos


Tomorrow, we’ve planned a trip to a nature reserve on the California coast called Point Lobos. We’re in town visiting relatives (actually we’re from Ottawa). And they’ve recommended that we go to this amazing State Nature Reserve, since Andrew my husband and I like sea sports -surfing, and diving, things like that. Apparently the kelp forests offshore from the coves there form one of the most populous and diverse undersea habitats on the globe, and the on-land habitats are definitely to write home about as well! And we just can’t wait. We’ve already arranged our permits with the dive coordinator, and our equipment rental from a shop in Monterrey, and now, we’re at Aunt Judith’s and Uncle Robert’s talking excitedly about the upcoming trip!

We’ve prepared in advance some educational coloring for grown ups about the plant and wildlife we hope / expect to see tomorrow. We’ve picked up a coloring for adults book from a local shop in Monterrey, where we visited this morning when we picked up our diving equipment and there are pages featuring seals, sea lions, migrating grey whales, even dolphins! There are mazes and maze art featuring brush rabbits, deer, coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions, and even some a coloring maze featuring Great Blue Herons, Black-crowned Night Herons and Western Gulls, which make their nests at Point Lobos. We both start with an assortment of coloring pages, which we complete using the artist’s grade coloring pencils we’ve brought, and both decide to end with a maze.

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