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We all function according to the way that we are programmed – by our backgrounds, ethnicity, families and previous life experiences.  Some say that our behaviors are learned while others believe that many of our behaviors are programmed into our DNA by our genetic make-up. That’s the Nature vs. Nurture debate and it continues as strongly today as it did when it was first raised 100 years ago. Regardless of your feelings on the matter, you should remember that no one doubts that you can impact the results of your behaviors by actions that you take today. Each person interprets this in their own way. Some people choose to practice an activity in order to achieve optimal results. Others change their activities and focus on the endeavors that they know fit their abilities. Online casino gamers can also manipulate the results of their gambling events by preparing themselves emotionally and cognitively for the gaming adventure that awaits. There are some players who choose to alter their betting strategies while others move from Free Mode to Real Mode as indicated. Increasingly, players are finding that, by reprogramming their neural pathways, they can focus more clearly on their games and raise their achievement levels. Casino consultants note that multiple options exist for players who are trying to advance their casino achievements through pro-active actions. Research shows that the most effective pre-gaming pursuits involve actions that facilitate entering the online casino in the most calm and serene state of mind possible. By playing in a relaxed state of mind a person becomes more focused and is able to make the best decisions in each individual circumstance. This is true for gamers who play on a PC at the Flash or Download casino as well as for those who play on their mobile device at the mobile casino. Some pre-casino activities may involve breathing exercises or yoga but others, such as working on solving mazes and colouring for adults, bring fun and added entertainment as well as opportunities to learn new skills and become more proficient within the casino experience. Colouring for grown ups is a relaxing pursuit that teaches an individual to have patience and focus on the task ahead. Maze solving activities involve more cerebral movements but maze-enthusiasts see results within weeks of beginning to do mazes before they gamble at the online casino – they have more confidence, their memory for details is enhanced and they experience a higher level of decision-making ability that enables them to make split-second decisions and follow through as needed. Both colouring for grown-up books and maze books for all ability levels can be found at bookstores in all communities.

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