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Coloring for adults and maze completion are now being used as preparatory treatments for psychological interventions.  Both of these activities reduce anxiety tremendously.  Anxiety can debilitate a person.  Anxiety is a far more serious emotional state than simple stress; we feel stress in many adult situations from waiting for a late-arriving commuter train to a nail-biting finish to a World Series involving a favorite team.

One other activity that has not yet gained prominence as a method of reducing anxiety is online casino gaming.  The term gaming has become fashionable because at its best online “gambling” is really gaming with a little money riding on the outcome.  If you play casino games for affordable sums, and if you can control your impulsive side, you can experience a great deal of pleasure from online casino gaming.

The key here is the ability to control one’s impulsive side and the two activities mentioned above can help gamers control their impulse to bet more or to play on when they know it’s time to quit.  The impulsive side also leads us to make less sound decisions at casino games.

How, then do working on mazes or coloring for adults prepare us for online casino gaming by putting our minds at ease and reducing stress, anxiety, and impulsiveness?  Mazes are complex arrangements of twisting and turning pathways that lead, if followed correctly, to the exit at the other end of the maze.  In order to get from the start to the finish correctly, you have to calmly assess the situation.  Calmly assessing the situation is exactly what you need in those casino games that require players to make decisions.  Coloring for adults makes demands on both sides of our brain.  The emotional or impulsive side cannot easily maneuver through an adult coloring page without help from the calmer more cerebral side of the brain.  Similarly, when we play casino games, we could easily be drawn toward our emotional side and make rash, impulsive decisions.  However, having put ourselves in a more rational state of mind by working on a maze or coloring an adult coloring page, we are much better situated to make good decisions over the blackjack or poker table or at the video poker machine.  It is interesting that the value of putting our minds in a good state is especially important when we play at a mobile casino.  The ability to access a mobile casino at can lead to rash decisions so being in a state of control is a requisite for mobile casino gaming.

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