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There are a wide variety of memes on the internet, ranging from simple images of people, animals and inanimate objects with funny texts to memes that are thoughtful and serious and are designed to get the viewer thinking. Behaviorists describe memes as a cultural element that is passed around through imitation. These elements can include videos, images, pieces of text or combinations of these materials that spread virally through the Internet. Some of the most popular memes are memes that involve cats. No one knows why this is true, but it’s recognized that, for whatever reason, anything that has to do with cats has the potential to become popular on the Internet – more so than any other type of object or animal. Cat memes are popular because they evoke the cat’s mysterious character and inspire people to “live up” to the cat’s reputation as a “stalker” who successfully catches his prey. If you’re a real money online casino gamer that means that you’ll be aiming for the top jackpots as you play your favourite online casino real money games. Some behaviorists have a theory that people are enchanted by cat memes because cats look like human babies – they have big unblinking eyes, small noses and dome-shaped heads that trigger evolutionary instincts within humans – men and women alike. Not everyone agrees with this assessment, especially people who want to be more proactive in their drive for real money casino games success. Many of these people have turned to mental health professionals to learn how to become more focused in their gambling pursuits. The ability to concentrate on the real money casino games, they believe, will assure them of a higher rate of success. Psychologists offer a wide range of suggestions that, they say, increase concentration and brain power.  Many of these exercises center around meditation – focusing on something while you sit in a chair, open and close your fists, focus on a photo or an object nearby (you can even combine this exercise with cat-luck by focusing on an image of a cat). Another suggestion involves reading a short story or watching a video or TV program and then writing a summary of what you read or saw, including in as many details as you can. Then you reread or view the story/video clip to determine how many details you remembered and what you left out. Many puzzle enthusiasts note that, when they work on solving puzzles or mazes, like this one with solution,  on a regular basis, they find that their skills in focusing on their online casino for real money gaming activities increases as well. This technique works with online puzzles as well as with mazes and crossword puzzles that you find in the morning newspaper and in puzzle books from the dollar store.

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