Positive begets positive


Although some believe the concept of ‘positive begets positive’ is nonsense; many of the world’s greatest minds have grappled with and reinforced the notion in what is known as the Laws of Attraction.  The great Greek philosopher, Plato, first mooted the idea that the universe rewards in kind.  You may well enquire how this applies to gambling online.  Well, if you enter a real money online casino in an upbeat, positive frame of mind, the odds of landing a couple of winning payout permutations are greatly enhanced.  On the flip side, choose to wager on video slots, card and table games and instant win games when you’re feeling down, depressed and low on self-esteem and the likelihood is you’ll bust your bankroll in no time at all.  The trick is to find easy ways to pique the positive, so that you’re always prepped and ready to play with a smile on your dial and a spring in your step.  To help you prolong your punting pleasures so as to build a formidable bankroll, we’ve identified fun ways to perk you up…in more ways than one.

Our first online gambling tip is to prepare your psyche well advance.  By the time you pitch up to punt real money, you should be in perfect fighting form to take on the dealer and win.  You can do this in several ways, some mainstream, while others are distinctly different.  Learning the game rules and memorizing basic strategy tables are wise and traditional ways to get ahead.  Coloring for grown ups and finding solutions to mazes, like this one, are out of the box solutions that are not only fun but multifaceted in their affects on your mind, body and soul.  Partake in these simple activities shortly before ‘play time’ at your preferred gambling destination online and you’ll be imbued with all sorts of positive attributes, such as improved physical dexterity, enhanced mental acuity and a calm, confident and winning demeanor.  You’ll feel invincible, inviolable, cunning and calculating, all of which bode well for frequent dollar wins!

Jellyfish Maze

Our second suggested gaming tactic is directed at cat lovers.  By spending quality time with your tom or queen, you can instantly evoke feelings of joy, happiness, self-belief and good will.  You’ll feel tranquil, relaxed and ready for the big time of gambling online to win.  You’ll have the ability to make split second decisions that pan out well and have the positive intensity required to nudge the universe in the right direction.  Those of you who do not have a cat can turn to the World Wide Web for an appropriate fillip.  You’ll have fingertip access to hundreds of funny cats’ memes that, by their very nature, will have you yelping in mirth and powerful enough to take on the odds and plunder.  Lastly, we recommend you test out our concepts one by one at a no deposit online casino.  There’s less risk involved as the free cash bonus can go a long way in protecting your purse!


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