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So there I was, sitting as I usually do, at the local pub, with my brand new Smartphone which as I was soon to find out, was capable of hosting Mobile Casino Games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps and even Slots. I didn’t realise the true potential of my phone immediately, me being as technologically advanced as a straight edged wooden wheel, but nonetheless, with the help of a friend, I was soon able to unlock the secrets of the Internet Casino Games and before I knew it, I was gambling, to my amazement with my phone, I couldn’t quite believe it, after all, I had only intended to use it to make phone calls, send the occasional text message and perhaps even take a picture or two, little did I know of the technological marvel I was holding in my hand, at one point I even asked my friend where the red button was located so I could nuke the office building I work in.

It wasn’t that type of Phone, but I could still enjoy Mobile Casino Games

OK, so it wasn’t as advanced as I had hoped it would be, but it was advanced enough to allow me to enjoy a game or two of Poker, and if I fancied it, a few other Mobile Casino Games, Slots in particular, I found to be brilliant, it was like holding my own little Virtual Casino in the palm of my hands, it was in fact so good, I nearly broke out in song, I got the whole Casino, in my hands, unfortunately, my lyrical expressions of delight were cut short after I received a swift, sharp slap to the noggin from my friend who was looking at me in an appalling manner and with that the comment came “I know Internet Casino Games are good and all, but would you mind not singing about them in that creepy Pinky and the Brain voice when there women close by”.

I had Vegas sitting in front of me

After my excitement had been quelled by my mutinous best mate, I sat down to explore the Mobile Casino Games world a little more, at first I noticed the sheer amount of games I could play, which was, I counted, tongue hanging out,  well over three hundred (I was cut short by another slap for having my tongue out) which amazed me yet again, as it is in my experience, I do have some, that not even a big Vegas type casino has that many lying around its Casino floor. Next I noticed the graphics of the Internet Casino Games were beyond impressive, if I had been just a little dumber and drunker, I would have been able to believe that I was looking straight into a video camera of someone else playing Poker in Vegas, but alas, I was not and even though I knew it was not real life, I was still more than slightly impressed with the Mobile Casino Games I was playing.


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