We play for a bit with our super gorgeous, super active and super funny cats


Work is over, dinner is finished, and now it’s finally time to relax. We play for a bit with our super gorgeous, super active and super funny cats, Day and Night (as you have probably guessed, one is white and the other black). They are still kittens, really – not even a year old, and their energy is inexhaustible. We simply can’t keep up for long. You know those cat memes or videos where cats are running around like crazy? That’s Day and Night to a T. We laugh at their antics for a while longer, and then swith to a more sedate pursuit – checking out if any of the best online casinos we know have specials like free spins or a no deposit bonus, to see which microgaming casinos we want to play at tonight.

This presents its own challenge: we need to distract the kittens first. You see, they don’t get all that excited by cute cat pics or cat memes; perhaps they just don’t identify with the cats in them as creatures like themselves. Give them a moving image, though, and they go crazy trying to ‘catch’ it or play with it. It doesn’t even have to be a nature documentary or the like – once our kittens almost destroyed the TV when some footage from an air show was on; they kept swiping the planes on the screen with their paws. Perhaps they thought that the planes were birds. Needless to say, many a time when we play at one of the top casinos Day and Night get super excited by all the spinning wheels, flashing lights and moving images, and want to play with them. It can be very distracting.

Right now it seems safe: the kittens are busy wrestling, hopefully too busy to be distracted by anything else. We check out the first of the best microgaming casinos on our favourites list: there’s a no deposit casino bonus on offer tonight, and even some free spins. Sweet! We start playing and soon get engrossed. All of a sudden, a white paw swipes at the screen just as the spinning wheel is about to come to a stop. Day is the more mischievous of the two, for all that he looks like a little angel to Night’s devil. I try to prý Day away from the laptop when I suddenly feel the pain of sharp kitty claws in my leg: that’s Night trying to climb it like a tree. They are big kitties, almost adults already, but are yet to learn the difference between human limbs and furniture or trees. Namely, if you sink your claws into a human limb it hurts like hell!

My boyfriend comes to the rescue, distracting the naughty cats with a laser toy , and off they go. I try another of the best microgaming casinos; it’s offering a no deposit bonus so I play there for a while. I can’t stay annoyed at our funny cats for long: they are just too entertaining.

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