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Hi All, Andrea and Andrew here, your faithful Ottawan travel, coloring/ maze and casino bloggers. After our delicious foray into local Mexican influenced fare near the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park we decided to head back to the coast to cool our heels once more in the Pacific and this time, with a Mexican flavor, in the beautiful surf town of Encinitas.. Beyond that, there is supposed to be a charming mix of New Age, Eco chic culture, good food, and just a generally happy and friendly vibe everywhere you go. This town is home to the La Paloma Theatre, which it is venerable 84 year existence has been the venue of choice for the  premier of countless surf films, and we’ve picked up tickets for later this evening, but before that, some downtime.

We still have just printed out some coloring for grown ups converted from pictures of our sunset at Newport Beach, and we still have some great coloring mazes and maze art left from the Big Basin leg of our tour. Some of these mazes feature banana slugs, deer, and there is even a maze where the intricate path taken traverses the pattern on a monarch butterfly’s wings. Andrew picks out of the Newport Beach coloring for adults pages, and I opt for the Monarch maze. And you? Try to solve this maze! The solution can be found here.

online Cone Vortex Maze

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