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It’s a stunning blue sky day.  You’re on vacation and there are no pressing engagements on the social calendar.  Your magnificent mouser moseys outside for a sun kissed nap in a quiet corner of your patio.  All’s well in the world.  You take the opportunity to do what we all do best and that’s power up the laptop for a session of ‘no holds’ gambling within the gated perimeters of your real estate.  You enter the online casino lobby, browse through the latest and greatest game releases and ponder on which online casino bonus will reward you the most.  Before you get down to the business of betting, you prime your gaming sensibilities with mazes, like this one with solution,  and coloring for grown ups; meditative activities that boost the brain, calm the nerves and rev up the decision making skills.  Once you’re in the perfect state of mind to gamble and win, you choose a feature rich online casino game with a cross budget betting range and wager what you can easily afford.  Then it’s simply a matter of settling back on the patio lounger so as to watch as the game plays out.  
Opt to play online casino games at home and you’ll avoid all sorts irritations, some minor, some not so much – congested big city streets, punishing parking rates and cat, kids and partner feeling neglected at best.  You’ll be available to troubleshoot or do homework with the children, cuddle the demonstrative pest exterminator and get all the daily gardening chores done and dusted in between gaming. You’ll meet fascinating characters from history, literature and the silver screen, place inside or outside bets on the final resting place of the little wheel and attempt a straight, flush or full house with a poker face directly from your warm and welcoming patio.



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