One day dog Rufus brought home a new friend


One day dog Rufus brought home a new friend. His friend was a cat. Now I wasn’t sure if this cat had a name, but he sure seemed different than other cats, beginning with the fact that his best friend is a dog. Next, I gave him some tuna while I gave Rufus some chicken, but he completely ignored the tuna and started eating some cucumber I had put out for the turtle. After that, I opened up a personal project I’ve been doing, a coloring for grown ups page depicting a beautiful butterfly, and so I decided to start with some red, just to liven up the page a little. The next thing I know, this cat starts to, no joke, bring over red – colored pencils to me from a box that I had open on the table. He uses his mouth to gently lift them from the box and ferry them to where I’m working. Then I start to think of orange, and he brings me orange, then yellow, then green. Now I didn’t open my mouth and say anything out loud at any point, but he must’ve just read my mind! To test my theory, I pull out some mazes, and he comes over to sit by me while I work. Next thing I know, he places his paw on the page I’m working in the left corner. Now I was working in the right corner, but after making my way almost all the way through the maze, I came to a dead end, so back to ground zero. I check out the left corner where the cat placed his paw and lo and behold, there was the solution to the maze! Now I’m really excited, and I go get my tablet computer and sign onto the online casino to see if he has any intuitions about the casino games. And lo and behold, he indicates with a paw not only which game to play, but exactly when to pull the trigger on the progressive jackpot slots game. Now, we’re the proud winner of a large progressive slots jackpot at the online casino games, and the kitty cat we spoke of has a name – Richie!!! I’m proud to say this special little guy lives with Rufus and I all the time now, and is a new member of the family.

coloring page with Abstract Casino Maze


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