Mazes for different uses


One of the most creative mazes in the world will have to be the Star Trek tribute maze located just outside York in the UK. The maze was designed as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of Star Trek by the maze artist Tom Pearcy. It was designed using satellite technology making it extremely accurate and totally awesome to view from above. Whilst it is certainly easier to design a maze on paper, the effect of seeing a physical maze from above is completely spectacular. Whilst mazes are certainly fun, they also have a serious side. They are often used in laboratory experiments or by medical practitioners to determine subject’s cognitive abilities. Mazes are also often used in experiments with animals, many large experiments using rats and mazes have demonstrated the rat’s ability to remember the shape of a maze in order to obtain a reward at the end. Mazes have also been shown to help people sharpen this problem solving abilities and they are a useful way that all of us can keep our brain cells healthy and functioning especially as we age. I have found that maze solving is also therapeutic and calming in much the same way that a pet can be. Where possible I combine completing a maze with the calming effect of stroking and cuddling my pet cat. One area of my life that has particularly benefitted from this calming combination is when I spend time at the Canadian mobile casino; my gaming sessions at the mobile casino have also become much more enjoyable. Enjoy the Camel Maze with solution before playing your favourite mobile casino game!

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