Cat memes are always in fashion, they seriously never get old. Funny cats, mad cats, cats trying to fit their way into boxes the size of their paw and cats that are just ready to pounce on some unsuspecting person or animal. Trends come and go but a cat meme is always guaranteed to garner you your highest number of likes on facebook! I think that I may have stumbled upon two other trends that may well be here for good.

One such trend is really new and that is the coloring for grownups craze that has overtaken much of the developing world in the past year and the other trend is as old as the stately houses in England and this is the recently revived maze trend that are available both online as well as in many beautifully illustrated maze art coffee books. Try to solve this maze and then check the solution here or scan!

 Kiwi Bird Maze to solve

Each of these trends answers a slightly different human need, The cat memes are great for getting a laugh and a knowing smile about the absurdity and sometime stupidity of our lives, cats are the perfect creatures to mirror many of our facial expressions and sometimes more base instincts and this is what makes them the perfect creatures to poke fun at ourselves.

The coloring for adults is a perfect tool to take ourselves back to the more simple days of our childhoods whereby simply crayoning in the lines and choosing some great color combinations is enough to produce a perfect artistic result.

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